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Reporting 2013/14

  • Enabling innovation

    The following slides explain how we are following the design earlier, more closely and for longer.

  • Getting closer to customers

    By partnering more closely with suppliers as they launch new technology and with customers throughout the design and development of the latest electronic innovations, we deliver technology solutions at every step from research to production.

    As we execute our strategy, we will add more value across the lifecycle of electronic products to make it easier for our customers to innovate and turn their ideas into reality.

  • Research

    We are following the design earlier, with the element14 community playing a key role in our customers’ research and providing a hub of innovation.

    Design engineers, supplier partners and our technical resources come together on the Community to collaborate and support each other through their customers’ design process.

    Websites provide detailed product information to help customers with the technical and environmental specifications they need.

  • Design & develop

    We are following the design more closely, working in partnership with key suppliers to provide a leading edge range of development kits and tools, as well as establishing leadership in the single-board computing market.

    We offer software and solutions, including CadSoft Eagle, providing engineers with the tools they need to design their products.

    element14 community provides an online forum for engineers to research and source solutions to their design problems.

  • Prototype, test & produce

    We are following the design for longer, as we stay in touch with our customers through our multichannel sales resources from design to build.

    Next day shipment on over 600,000 stocked products, including 7,900 test and measurement SKUs, gives engineers the products and tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

    Investments in our product range, including production quantity packaging, enable us to follow the design further and service customers at low production volumes.

Executing our strategy

  • £25.8m Additional investment in
    inventory in 2013/14

    Our primary objective is connecting the right suppliers to the right customers, helping both achieve their goals. By increasing our understanding of customers’ differing requirements and tailoring our proposition accordingly, we are making it easier for them to do business.

    High service distribution is at the heart of what we do. We already meet customers’ needs for a broad range of over 600,000 products from 3,000 suppliers, shipped next day and with a wealth of information available to inform their product selection.

    We invested £25.8m in additional inventory in 2013/2014 as we enhanced our proposition even further. This provides both additional breadth and depth to our inventory in key product areas, including new technologies, allowing us to support customers in their product development process earlier, more closely and for longer.

    Our investments, combined with 24/5 technical support and detailed technical and legislative information available on our transactional websites and the element14 community, customer feedback and service metrics hit record highs in 2013/2014.

  • 21m Page views on the
    element14 community

    Providing effective marketing and sales channels as we connect suppliers to customers is fundamental to the value that our business creates.

    We do this through our 1270 contact centre and field sales staff, our 250 technical engineers, our transactional websites in over 30 languages, eProcurement solutions and the element14 community which has over 220,000 members.

    For suppliers, we provide a powerful combination of targeted marketing which enables us to seed the latest products to our global customer base and an efficient distribution channel for low volume sales of existing products.

    For customers, our approach helps to simplify their purchasing decisions and processes by offering a seamless combination of field sales, contact centre and leading edge eCommerce channels.

    In 2013/2014, our new web platform was completed successfully implemented in North America. The roll-out will take place in Europe and Asia Pacific through the course of this year.

    Plus we are investing in our web offering through enhanced mobile and personalisation as well as the launch of a new development kit superstore to take place in the year ahead.

  • 14.9% Emerging market sales growth
    in 2013/14

    In a world of ever greater interconnectivity, engineers across multiple countries are combining in the design and production of the new electronic products. To adapt to the added complexity brought by a globalised supply chain, customers and suppliers increasingly call for a single global high service distribution partner.

    Premier Farnell is a global business with operations in 37 countries. We have nine distribution centres located across the globe providing 1.1 million square feet of warehouse space from which we ship 30,000 packages per day.

    Through our multichannel sales and marketing resources, we can reach customers around the world, catering for their language requirements through our eCommerce channels and regional call centres. And the element14 community had visitors from almost 200 countries.

    As manufacturing becomes more globalised, emerging economies such as Eastern Europe, China and India will continue to be a source of growth in the electronics markets. In 2013/14, we achieved 14.9% growth in emerging market sales per day, ahead of our 10% target.

Who we are

Premier Farnell plc is a global, high service technology company, predominantly engaged in the marketing and distribution of products and services in the time critical and innovation-focused electronic components distribution sector.

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Key facts

  • 48 transactional websites in 34 languages

  • 37 operations in 37 different countries

  • 1 element14 community

  • 1.1m sq ft warehouse space in our nine distribution centres

  • 600,000 stocked products from 3,000 suppliers

  • 1,270 customer facing staff globally

Valerie Gooding

The Group’s strategy was evolved to better serve the needs of our customers and suppliers in the context of an ever-changing technology market

Valerie Gooding, CBE Non-Executive Chairman

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Laurence Bain

The long term opportunities for Premier Farnell are considerable. Each of our divisions can deliver significant profitable growth and have plans in place to achieve this.

Laurence Bain CEO

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